In June 2007, when my plane descended through the clouds, landing in Austria, I knew at that moment that I had made the right choice. By the time I made it to my pension, I knew I was in the right city. But it was not until I walked to the Rathaus that I knew … I belong here.

By here, I mean Europe, generally, though now I am in Brussels, Belgium. I am happy just to be on the Continent. It’s all relative, of course … especially when you have been to Vienna, Prague, Venice, Budapest (both sides), Salzbourg, Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Paris. In 2008, with a group of 20 other internationally-minded individuals, we canvassed the EU Institutions in ten short glorious days. Leaving was a terribly sad experience, and I vowed, “In 2013, I shall be in Europe.” Here I am.

My goals for this blog are quite simple. I want to have a space to speak my mind, but also to brainstorm (read: to give my brain a break) while I write my thesis about the US-EU relationship in competition (antitrust), assuming one of substance truly exists, and of course, how to make that relationship better, if not altogether proactive.

As a lawyer and a social worker, I have always felt that it is a shame to create law in reaction to a particular event. Why can’t we be proactive? Why can’t we, as a society, grow together, make plans together … foresee that which is clearly foreseeable? This is my self-imposed task; this is my passion.

Welcome. We are but living beings, and I ask you … can you see the trees through the forest?